At Kristi Davis, OD our goal is to care for each patient with a personal touch. Our office operates using the latest technology to provide you with the most accurate care and treatment. While we aim to remain the most technologically advanced practice in the area, we will never sacrifice delivering expertise and the best care.

After your visit, we’d love for you to leave feeling well taken care of and confident in your eye care. We promise to not use confusing medical jargon and we’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have about your eye health.


  • Your annual exam will consist of a number of simple tests to ensure your eyes are checked thoroughly for general eye health and overall vision issues.
  • We will ask questions to learn more about your lifestyle in relation to your eyes.
  • We will check for any indication of potential vision or eye health problems and suggest treatment options if necessary.
  • If deemed necessary, we may dilate your eyes in order to see as much of the eye as possible.
  • Visual acuity tests (reading letters on a chart) will be performed to determine vision acuity.


  • Current pair of Rx glasses or sunglasses
  • Vision Insurance Information
  • Medical Insurance Information
  • Contact lens patients: Bring contact boxes
  • Current list of al medications and vitamins
  • Patient forms. FOUND HERE


  • If you are diabetic, please be prepared for you eyes to be dilated every year. The dilation will add about 30 minutes to your exam. After the dilation your eyes will be extra sensitive to the light and extra blurry for a few hours. Most patients are comfortable driving home, but some prefer to bring a driver.
  • A report regarding your eye health will be sent to the doctor that manages your diabetes.