Designer Frames


These are just some of the great designer frames available for prescription and sun wear.


Choosing proper eyewear may be a bigger decision than you think, as it involves both function and style. Glasses can be a fashion statement that also serve a purpose; similar to a watch. Prescription lenses provide information to your brain to help you see clearly, while frames can change the appearance of your face and reflect your style.

When choosing your frames, remember to select a pair that suits your prescription. Our trained and certified Opticians can help you choose the right look based on your lens needs and prescription. Things to consider are:

  • Skin tone and frame color
  • Face shape
  • Personal style
  • Lifestyle

Once your prescription needs are determined, looks and style should be considered. Just as you wouldn't wear formal wear to the beach and a swimsuit to a gala, you don't want your eyewear fashion to poorly reflect the occasion or throw off your look. Today's options can include business classic, elegant evening options, statement frames, casual, and sporty frames.

Our designer frames come in varieties of colors as well as rimless and light-weight options that blend into your face. We encourage a "wardrobe" of eyewear options to suit various lifestyle needs and fashion options. Let your personality shine through!


The goal in selecting frames is balance. We aim to balance the look of the frame with face shape and comfort. Typically oval shaped faces are more balanced and can basically wear any frame the prescription allows for, while other face shapes should choose frames a little more carefully.

Typical Face Shapes:

  • Oval Face — The most versatile to fit. Slightly wider cheekbones and a slight narrowing at the forehead and jaw
  • Oblong or Longer face — Slightly longer than oval, not as wide.
  • Round or Wide face — Softer angles with slightly wider cheekbones and equally wide forehead and jaw
  • Square — More angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, forehead, and jaw
  • Triangle — Widest at the jaw and gradually narrowing to the forehead
  • Diamond — Both forehead and jawline are narrow with wider cheekbones
  • Heart — Widest at the forehead and gradually narrows to the jaw

Since the look of a frame can dramatically change the appearance of a face, it's important to find the right frame that ultimately gives your face the look of an oval.

Does this task sound daunting? Don't worry, our Opticians walk you through each step, ensuring your frame and lens selection is ultimately fashionable, comfortable, flattering, and functional.