Aging and Your Eyes

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Aging and Your Eyes How Getting Older Affects Your Vision   Your eyesight is often one of the first senses affected by aging. Since we depend so much on our vision for daily function vision loss can be a disheartening experience. However, there are things you can do to minimize damage to your eyes as

Seeing Spots

Thursday, 19 February 2015 by

Seeing Spots The first time you see spots in your field of vision you might get worried. It’s an odd experience, to have these shadow like things floating across your field of vision. Well, you can stop worrying. These floaters are merely annoying and pose no serious medical threat to your eye health. Eye floaters

The Sun and Your Eyes

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Sun. We all love it. It is the source of our suntans, days at the beach, and that good-for-you vitamin D. We all know by now that it is also the source of the UV rays that can cause skin cancer. So we slather on the sunscreen and go about our lives. However, there is

Dry Eye Syndrome

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Most of us experience dry eye at one point or another. Maybe from visiting a hot or windy city, or maybe from staring at a computer screen too long. There are several causes of dry eye, and hopefully your experience with dry eye is only temporary and easily remedied. If you stare at a computer

Nutrition and Your Vision

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  Can you really ‘see the difference’ with better nutrition? Science has concluded that a healthy diet really can improve your vision. When it comes to nutrition and our eyes most of us immediately think of eating carrots. Of course, carrots actually do benefit your overall eye health, but scientific research has shown that many different foods benefit

  “Kristi K. Davis, O.D., and her father Jim Patten, a Marine Corps veteran. Dr. Davis is providing free eye care to veterans during the entire month of November. Kristi K. Davis, O.D., who practices in Redding, California, wanted to do something special this year to serve the nation’s veterans. “I appreciate the people who

Kristi Davis OD on KRCR News channel 7

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“A Redding optometrist is offering free eye exams to veterans. Dr. Kristi Davis is a Redding native and worked with Dr. David Dennis in Redding before starting her own private practice in Burney. When Dennis retired in 2012, Davis took over his practice and moved her practice to Redding. According to her website, Davis still

Did you know your child’s vision can quickly change as they grow? Recently we read an article featured on that told of a mother’s sudden realization that her son’s vision was going downhill fast and he was in need of glasses: It had been a few years since the children of Redding local Annette Osbourne had been to

We thought this was a fun infographic illustrating what your glasses say about you (found via Whether you’re more geek chic, “Marilyn Monroe-esque”, or more like the “Johnny Depp,” chances are we have a great pair of designer frames to suit your style and taste. What do you want your frames to say about

Can Computers Really Ruin My Eyes?

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By Markham Heid | Sept. 3, 2014 | You spend most of the day staring at a computer, and your tablet or smartphone lull you to sleep at night. What does all that digital screen time do to your eyes? From sore eyes and blurred vision to headaches, doctors have a catch-all term for